♡ face masks galore ♡

Been on sort of a face mask kick lately and these are some of my favorites I’ve tried so far. These first two are from Montagne Jeunesse, and they are quite inexpensive if you want to give them a try. They smell amazing! My favorite of the two was the Nut Oil Mask, I thought it smelled the best!

Manuka Honey Peel Off Mask

Nut Oil face Mask

Made a trip to Lush the other day where I purchased the  Cup o’ Coffee Mask and Dark Angels  Cleanser to give them a try. My skin has been a little out of sorts and one of my friends actually suggested the Dark Angels Cleanser, they said it was like heaven so we’ll see how it goes.

Also since winter was not kind to my scalp I’ve basically tried all kinds of shampoo and what have you, but nothing seems to work. So I’m hoping for a miracle with the Superbalm Scalp treatment.


p.s. the links are just to be helpful 🙂

♡ beauty wishlist ♡

Hello lovelies! I’ve posted in a while. Sorry 😦 I made this wishlist of sorts a while ago because I was having a major window-shopping spree online.

I don’t know too much about TheBalm but their packaging reminds me so much of Soap & Glory. It’s super cute. Anyways I’ve never been able to figure out if Soap & Glory is cruelty free or not, but from what I’ve read I’m fairly certain TheBalm is. Don’t quote me on that ok….just in case.

 If I can find some more information about them then these are definitely a few things I would want to try.  Here we go…

beauty wishlist

1. En Root Dry Shampoo: I really would like a good dry shampoo since my hair has a tendency to get extremely oily, especially in spring and summer.

2. En Root Hair Spray: I don’t usually use a lot of hair spray except now that I’m waiting for my fringe/bangs to grow out a good hair spray really is necessary.

3. Strawberry Nourishing Facial Serum: I have a thing for serums and strawberries.

4. Dandelion Skin Brightening Moisturizer: brightening is always a good thing since I never sleep.

5. Rose Face Cleanser: Possible option to replace Proactiv (expensive!) with if it ends up being a good product. It probably smells a lot better too.

That’s everything that I’m hoping to try. Actually I’ve also been eyeing up a couple things from Too Faced… I need to stop.

*Wrote this a while ago and forgot to post! Still looking into these products some more.