♡ mini review: yes to cucumbers facial wipes ♡

cucumber wipes


Bought these  to replace the Yes to Blueberries Cleansing Facial wipes that  I used up. Apparently the store ran out too. Had to get these as they were the only kind left, and I didn’t think they would be too bad, since basically they are the same as the other types in the range.

They definitely work well to remove makeup and dirt, but I  use facial wipes around my eyes and unfortunately these ones  made my eye area burn. Not badly but enough to be uncomfortable. The other different types from the same brand don’t have the same effect. I figure it’s just this particular type for some reason.

Therefore due to the eye burning-ness I probably will not repurchase these, simply because I want to be able to take off all my makeup at once and not use different products for each section of my face.

That’s my review, thank for reading!


♡ review: physician’s formula super CC+ ♡

Super CC+Correct+Conceal+Cover Cream SPF 30





Since I have been seriously lacking with posts here’s a fab review for you all.  These are some new Physician’s Formula products I’ve been trying out the last little while. I could probably stand to switch to a lighter shade of this because it might be just a touch too dark, although if I use a powder it looks pretty decent. Perhaps when summer rolls around and I get a tan it will look better. This is really easy to blend although I think one coat isn’t necessarily full coverage so it has to be built up. I haven’t really found that I need to if I’m having good skin days though, generally I just use it to even out my skin tone and not so much for covering acne or acne scars.

Super CC+Correct+Conceal+ Cover Concealer SPF 30





Overall I liked this concealer enough that I would buy it again, until I found a better one of course. Compared to the Benefit Erase Paste it is much easier to apply since it isn’t as thick. I also noticed that it doesn’t sink into the creases around the eye area as much. It really brightens up my eye area which is usually puffy and purple from never, ever sleeping. Kidding.

Thanks for reading.


review: Ole Henriksen 3 little wonders mini

Good morning or afternoon or night! I always forget that those you guys could be in a totally different time zone! It’s cray. Anywho, a month or two ago I purchased the Ole Henriksen 3 little wonders mini skin care system from Sephora and have been dying to do a review on it, so finally I took some pics to accompany all my blabbing. Here we go…

full view

This is a three part system: two moisturisers, and a serum. The serum is supposed to be used in the morning, but I use it at night too. I just can’t get enough of it. It has a potent vitamin C complex which makes it smell amazing. I have really noticed a difference in my complexion thanks to this little magic bottle. Truth is,  this is my second mini bottle of this stuff. The first sample size I got was in some goody bag from Sephora. I ended up loving it and  purchased it on my own. This serum alone is very pricey, that’s why I got the small sample size kit because I find it still lasts quite a while.


The first of the two moisturizers is “sheer transformation” for morning or night. It has a creamier consistency which makes it a bit more hydrating and great for the fall/winter when cold winds leave your skin feeling dry. I found this to be very light and didn’t make my skin feel oily.

moiture 1

The second moisturiser is the “invigorating night gel”. I love it. This  feels like a mini overnight facial. When I wake up in the morning and wash my face it feels like a ‘protective’ layer  has been performing miracles on my skin all night and it feels incredibly soft.

moisture 2

Seriously going to be repurchasing this mini system again in the future, and possibly gifting it to someone this christmas.

Thanks for taking the time to read and I hope you have a wonderful day, or night. ❤