♡ mini adventures ♡

A few mini adventures that didn’t take me far from home (or work, boo) but were a great time with great people. Continue reading


So long, beautiful.

chair sofa

Went for a visit to the thrift store today and I found magical things! These gorgeous chairs, the incredible sofa, and there were two immaculate end tables with a matching coffee table. I wanted them so bad, sadly I would have no space to put them (I need an apartment). Everything was $1000 altogether. Not overpriced in my opinion as every piece was in perfect condition. Honestly I would have purchased them if I had an actual space to put them in. The sofa, there may be a fancier name for it idk, was surprisingly comfortable. Very springy, in a good way.

It wasn’t all tears though I purchased several things while I was there…mainly purses..because I don’t have enough. It’s impossible to have enough purses. Anyways that’s my little ode to the great furniture I will never own.

Have a great afternoon!



Behold a ton of pictures from my vacation earlier this summer in Kapuskasing, Ontario. I went last year too and it’s amazing. Incredibly relaxing with its small town charm, but the Lake is where it’s at. I took about 100 pictures so get ready for a long post! Might be a good idea to take a bathroom break and grab some popcorn before you get started!

lakeview 3

The Wee Blu Inn, and the old boathouse


Neighbouring cottages along with a great view of the lake


More neighbouring cottages and the fancy new boathouse, which my boyfriends Grandpa refuses to use


Across the lake

interior bh 2

Inside the boathouse

inter bh 3

There are things hanging everywhere

inter bh 4

It’s quite charming though

interior bh

interior boathouse 2

Random little gas can, the colors caught my eye

interior boathouse

An old letter box? I’m not sure, but it’s so vintage.

blue inn 4

Ice fishing hut, also known as The Wee Blu Inn

blue inn

More blue and red, think they painted the gas can at the same time?

blue inn 2

A cutesy little sign, I love it!

blue inn 3

The peeling paint makes this wee shack even more awesome

net 2 net

The useless net. It makes for some artsy shots though

stairs 3

Ohh stairs!


These lead all the way down to the new boathouse.


Before there was no way to get there unless you were willing to put your life on the line


Through the trees, just for fun


Cody’s Gran is too cute! Always has her hands on her hips

red and white 3

The new boathouse. I see a red theme going on

red and white 1

Surrounding patio, great for setting off some fireworks on Canada Day

red and white 2

What’s up neighbours?! *waves frantically* Nones there…

ropes 2


These ropes were good models obviously.

Let’s hope none of  you were bored out of your mind. I have a few more photos but I’ll save that for another time. Have a great rest of the day!