So long, beautiful.

chair sofa

Went for a visit to the thrift store today and I found magical things! These gorgeous chairs, the incredible sofa, and there were two immaculate end tables with a matching coffee table. I wanted them so bad, sadly I would have no space to put them (I need an apartment). Everything was $1000 altogether. Not overpriced in my opinion as every piece was in perfect condition. Honestly I would have purchased them if I had an actual space to put them in. The sofa, there may be a fancier name for it idk, was surprisingly comfortable. Very springy, in a good way.

It wasn’t all tears though I purchased several things while I was there…mainly purses..because I don’t have enough. It’s impossible to have enough purses. Anyways that’s my little ode to the great furniture I will never own.

Have a great afternoon!