♡ Lime Crime & Stila ♡

My sister was home the other day so we decided to check out the new Marshalls and obviously I could not resist looking at all the different make-up. I ended up finding these two beauties! I can’t get over how … Continue reading

what’s in my bag?

my bag2

After seeing a lot of “what’s in my bag?” videos on youtube I thought it would be fun to share what I hoard in my bag on daily basis.

  1. Mini hairspray
  2. 5 lip products from B&BW, Revlon Lip Butter, Elizabeth Arden lip stick, and a Gosh Lipstick
  3. Bath & Body Works cashmere & Silk Hand Cream , it smells so good! I always buy the mini’s so I can take them everywhere.
  4. Tissues. I paid way too much for these, but the cute packaging pulled me in. Also very handy for the fall and winter months.
  5. An umbrella. I think I just picked this up at Shoppers Drugmart randomly one day because it reminded me of Burberry.
  6. Blotting papers. I have the Shoppers Drugmart Life brand ones right now because I lost my rice paper ones. 😦
  7. Leopard print nail file with it’s own case, snazzy.
  8. A sharpie pen and highlighter for school. Normally there would be two planners and a notebook in here but I took them out for the weekend.
  9. Small brown wallet. Where this came from i have no idea but it holds all my gift cards and discount cards.
  10. Coin purse avec Marilyn Monroe.
  11. Mints/Gum. can’t beat Mint Fishermen’s Friend cough drops.
  12. Trident Layers. Gotta keep that breath in check.
  13. Tiny toothpaste. Sort of pointless without a tooth brush though.

I clearly carry too much in my purse, hello back problems! Hope you enjoyed having a little snoop and check back soon for more.