What’s on My iPhone?

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♥What’s on My iPhone?♥ Just thought I would share what apps I have on my phone, and how pretty these icons are, hope you enjoy! ♥ Customization Stuff Cocoppa, Monogram it, PinkKey, BetterFonts I used Cocoppa to add the icons in … Continue reading

♡ we got a puppy ♡

About a week ago my boyfriend and I became the adoptive parents to this cutie named Dakota. She was pretty shy at first but now she’s a little terror, we love her anyways. She is super spoiled and has more toys than she knows what to do with. As you can see she likes to sleep in some strange places. puppy 1 puppy 2 puppy 3 puppy 4

My boyfriend left for a few minutes so she waited for him right at the door. She almost got squished when he came back. puppy 5 puppy 7 puppy 8 puppy 9

Getting her hair done by “grandma”.
puppy 10 puppy 11 puppy 12

She also has a thing for boots, and feet, meaning she wants to eat them all the time.