♡ feeling like fall ♡

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Outfit of the day & no makeup 

Hey lovelies! So I’m trying to post this from my phone and I hope it doesn’t look terrible. Anyways I’ve been a little lazy with makeup lately so I tried to wear a nicer outfit in an effort to not look totally frumpy. My top is from Aerie and skirt from Walmart. It’s seriously my favourite skirt right now, I have a thing for damask print (I think that’s what it’s called, please correct me if I’m wrong )

I have so much reading and assignments to do this weekend it’s ridiculous! Not to mention there’s a fair I really want to go to. Getting a little stressed out. But I’m pretty happy with how school is going so far.
I’ll do a post on how I organize my class notes because I’m pretty excited about how cute they look.

Bye for now!