Hey there 🙂

I’m Danni and welcome to my blog!

The past couple years my blog has been focused on my switch to using only cruelty free beauty products. This makes sense to me because I love all things fashion and beauty related, and I love animals. Unfortunately the two don’t have the best relationship, so I started doing some research and I’m slowly getting the hang of making my beauty regime one I can be proud of and feel good about sharing with others. I’m also working on  incorporating cruelty free fashion and eating habits into my life too. I won’t say I’m perfect at this but I’m coming along. I also have a serious thrifting addiction.

I also incorporate journal like entries to share little bits of my inner turmoil life and just what I’m thinking about at the moment. I’ve also recently been doing more creative writing recently so you might see some short pieces in the future.

I’m currently attending university for Linguistics & Discourse Studies (almost done!), so I don’t feel I devote as much time to this blog as I would like but I’m working on learning how to juggle all the pieces of my life and spend quality time on each of them. I am always getting wild ideas about what other careers I could have besides my number 1 choice of Speech Pathologist. There’s just so many courses and classes that sound interesting. I have a huge passion for interior design, architecture, writing, and fashion design. Maybe someday a few of these will be a bigger part of my life or I’ll find a way to make them all work together in a cohesive way.


P.S. If there are any sponsored posts or products (I wish!) on this site I will let you know in a disclaimer placed at the very bottom of the post. 🙂 As of right now all my opinions are my own and any links are simply placed for your convenience.

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