♡ Bridesmaid Boxes ♡

Bridesmaid proposal boxes banner

Bridesmaid Proposals seem to be a big deal, so I made some for my four bridesmaids and they turned out pretty good. The theme was mainly pink and gold although I included other colors from our wedding color scheme as well. The hair ties had a pop of burgundy, and the ribbon around the mini champagne were navy blue.

(When I told my future mother-in-law about bridesmaid boxes she had no idea what the heck I was talking about lol)

I found the boxes at Michael’s, the sparkly gold letters, and the scrapbook paper that I used to cover the inside of the lid. (One box is missing because I saw one of my bridesmaids earlier than expected so I gave it to her earlier than expected.)

The mess I made as I assembled them all. Pretty much everything is from Michael’s except the cute ‘I do crew’ glasses, and the mini clip boards I found at Wal-mart. I added navy blue, burgundy and red hair ties, and tied them together using some gold washi tape, then clipped them to the mini clipboards.

I used a chalk pen to write on the clip boards themselves, “To have and to hold you hair back“.

The cards I happened to find at Winner’s! Unfortunately I couldn’t find four that were all the same so I ended up with a few different designs. But I thought it made it more personal for my bridesmaids as I chose ones i thought they would like the most, and ones I thought fit their personalities.

diy bridesmaid box floral

(I found the idea for these neat little inspiration cards on Pinterest so I take no credit.)

On the inside of the lid I put some pictures of me and each of the girls as well as inspiration cards. All pertaining to the theme and vision I have for my wedding and their day of looks.

One was for the overall theme of the wedding which listed the main and accent colors. The other was a little inspiration card for their bridesmaid dresses, accessories, and whatnot.

I’ve decided on doing mismatched dresses, but keeping them similar-ish in color. I feel it makes it feel a bit more casual, plus the girls get to pick a dress they love and suits them the best. Plus I think the mismatch has a more magical & whimsical feel.


Thanks for reading! xox

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