♡ Gold Eye Look ♡


Gold Eye Look

Here’s a little eye look I did the other day using the Prism Palette again, I’m sort of obsessed. I tried doing winged eyeliner – I definitely still suck at it! But it was a bit easier since I actually used tape – sneaky right?


I used Lure as the base shadow, Obsidian on the outer corner, and Pyramid is the lovely gold shade on the lid. I used a eyeshadow brush dipped in water to make it transfer a bit better. Then I did the same thing with Obsidian to use it as a liner. Which worked out a lot better than expected. Unfortunately I forgot eye primer so it looks terribly wrinkly and strange, as long as I don’t close my eyes in public it’s all good!

I obviously have to practice a bit more but I’ve definitely improved a lot. 🙂

Thanks for reading!


(p.s. I started a photography instagram – nature photos, travel photos, etc. It’s @hwsphoto if you want to check it out)

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