First Novel Progress

Happy Tuesday!

I’m excited to say that I have been trying to write everyday for the past two weeks, (not NaNoWriMO) and I have been doing pretty well. I have written words everyday, save for a couple missed days. I’ve been doing about 1000 words a day, although sometimes it’s more like 3000 when I get on a roll, which really surprised me. Even better,  as of this morning I finally hit 25, 000 words on my first draft of a hope-to-be-novel (someday-maybe). And I’ll reach 30, 000 words for the entire month including other writing projects. SUper happy about that as my original goal was to get to 10, 000 words, but I surpassed that pretty fast, then I moved it to 25, 000 and achieved that as well! Who knew setting goals could be so helpful?? 🙂

Right now I’ve got the main plot of  the story, but there’s still little bits and pieces to add in, and some scenes that need a little beefing up.  As well as making the subplots a little more interesting, to add some spice. I haven’t actually told anyone what it is about yet. I’m still too scared that people will laugh, not to mention I already have ideas to change about a million and one things about the story itself.  I keep making notes on the side about what’s changed. Right now, if read from start to finish, it is a big confusing mess. The editing will be oh so much fun.

Still my  overall goal for the first draft is to get to about 40-50K, so quite a ways to go.  After that I swear  I’m not looking at it for like six months while I work on some other things. Hopefully that will be good practice for getting a full story done, which I honestly need because who knows if this story will ever see the light of day (it might be terrible- it kind of is right now). The only problem is deciding which of my many ideas to go with next! I literally have a list of about 10 stories that I want to write so I’ll have to figure it out at some point.

Other than that I’m  so happy I’m finally working on something that I have always wanted to do instead of putting it off for another time. Right now I’m questioning why it took me so long to get started in the first place, but I guess that’s one of the hardest things to do right: just get started!

Anyone else working on their first novel or other writing projects this month?


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