What’s on My iPhone?

♥What’s on My iPhone?♥

Just thought I would share what apps I have on my phone, and how pretty these icons are, hope you enjoy! ♥

Customization Stuff

Cocoppa, Monogram it, PinkKey, BetterFonts

I used Cocoppa to add the icons in the second picture. They basically act as shortcuts to the actual app. Below are some examples of the apps Better Fonts & PinkKey ⇒

Writing & More

Numbers, Pages, Keynote, Docs, Drive, iBooks, iCloud Drive, iTunes U, Slides

I use google drive for just about everything so it was essential to have it on my phone as well. iBooks I mainly keep just in case I have time to kill and forgot my book I’m reading at home.


YouCam Perfect, Squaready, Afterlight, Piconic, Blend Editor, YouCam Makeup, Layout, Aviary, VSCO

I just got most of these apps to try out. So far layout is the one I’ve toyed around with the most. YouCam Perfect is great for taking a great selfie even on days you don’t feel like you look so great!

Accounts & Daily Use

Telus, RBC, Carleton App, LinkedIn, Puffin, Chrome, WordPress

Social Media

Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube, Tumblr, Pinterest, WordPress, Polyvore, PlayStation, PS Messages

Music & Movies

Spotify, Apple music, GarageBand, Netflix, Flixster

I have actually never used the Flixster app, but Spotify I use every single day.


Starbucks, Sephora, Etsy, Ebay, Topshop, SnipSnap, Ebates

I would say that out of these apps Sephora is my most used one.


Titan Brawl, Clash Royale, Driving School, Pokemon Go, Word Cookies, Lumosity, Design Home, Chess, Pokemon Duel, Horror Forest, Christmas Countdown, Kritika

I  rarely play games, but my boyfriend downloaded some of these for me. However the one I use the most is Word Cookies :). The horror forest one I believe is actually used with a 3D headset, but I could be wrong…


Hope this was somewhat interesting! Besides anything social media related what are the apps you use the most on your phone?


4 thoughts on “What’s on My iPhone?

  1. I am so addicted to Design Home currently at level 13 :).
    The apps I have are :
    Docs to Go
    RSA Token
    Design Home
    Silent Protest

    And the rest are social media.

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