Spring Cleaning Part 1

♥Spring Cleaning Part 1♥

Hey lovelies! Since I’ve been super crazy busy for the last little while I have been neglecting any sort of cleaning, and let’s just say that the clothing & ‘stuff’ situation is out of control. I’ve been very inspired by the blog posts I’ve read about the KonMari Method of cleaning/organizing. So I’ve made it one of my goals this month to get rid of as much stuff as possible. Especially clothes since I have way too many. Particularly ones that I haven’t wore in a long time or never wore at all. As well as things that I thought about getting altered but didn’t, because let’s be real if it hasn’t happened yet it’s probably not going to happen. However, I just can’t pull out everything I own in each category at the same time to pare down by type. My room is just way too small and it would create an even bigger mess. I’m just sort of going by section, and working on one at a time after I get home from work. It will be a slow process but it will get the job done!

I also happen to own a lot of things that I feel bad about getting rid of. I know it’s illogical but I feel terrible getting rid of things especially if they were gifts, I spent a substantial amount of money on and never really used them as much as I should have, or if I’ve just had the item for a really long time. However I know I’ll feel much better when I have less clutter in my life. Also this will open up space for items that reflect my present style better,  help me stay more organized, and eliminate the stress of looking for things all the time (a big problem!).

Getting Started

At the moment I’m starting with clothes and just working on getting rid of as much as possible. The amount of clothing that has accumulated quite literally swamps the room. I started with the piles of clothes that have accumulated in front of my closet (like mountains literally).

The closet itself is really small, in fact it’s more like a coat closet. It doesn’t hold a lot of clothes unfortunately. It easily gets overcrowded, which makes it really hard to see what I even own. Plus it is full of stuff I don’t wear on a daily basis, or at all (oops!). So I went through it and pulled out a few things I know I definitely don’t wear anymore.

I focused on the standing clothing rack as well (which was necessary because of the limited closet space) and actually cleared up quite a bit of space, There’s a lot of clothes on there that are so cute I just don’t know if I can get rid of them. There’s also plenty of items I just need to try on and see if they even still fit, so that will be have to be done at some point this week. So for now I’m leaving the those where they are.

Before Pictures

This is my mess…

There’s still a lot left to go through before I can actually get to work organizing and giving everything a really good cleaning, but I’d say it’s a pretty good start for about an hour’s work. I think I’ll be working on the closet next, or the messy vanity (last picture) I need to do both anyways. But so far I’ve packed up 4 garbage bags full of clothes! Not bad for an hours work right?

Also is it still spring cleaning if it’s June?? Better late than never I guess!

Thanks for reading and I hope to be posting a lot more now that I’ve finished my degree! 😀 😀



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