Quitting my Second Job

I think I mentioned before that since September I have been working a second job as a barista. Well I decided to put in my two weeks notice. The job atmosphere itself was awesome and I learned a lot during my time there. I spent a lot of time talking to customers which I think helped my anxiety a bit by practicing conversation. I became more accustomed to learning on the fly, and making split second decisions. As well as how to navigate an environment with a number of different people from customers to managers. Working as a Barista was vastly different from my full-time job which I liked. Overall it was an awesome experience. The only thing that wasn’t so awesome was being absolutely exhausted all the time.

It’s hard to juggle a full-time job, a part-time job, a dog, a boyfriend, family, and hobbies at the same time. I always felt like I was being pulled in every direction at the same time. So I decided it was time to quit. I will miss it though, especially the free coffee (kidding, but not really…). My employer was kind enough to ask if any changes could be made to the schedule that would help, but honestly going to work on a weekend after working all week, or doing even a few shifts a week after an 9 hour work day is still going to leave little time to myself in my schedule  (not including the travel time, which can be ridiculous), and I’m not someone who likes being around people 24/7.

I really need time where I don’t have to be somewhere, or with someone. I like the times I can just be by myself. Which I couldn’t do working during weeknights and also trying to spend time with family. There was a lot of tension with family and friends, my boyfriend in particular. My schedule was not doing our relationship any good since I was always tired during our time together. During the week I would only feel like passing out when I was finally home, or I would just not feel like being social. The situation left little time to actually spend together (with both parties in a good mood).

So as much as I enjoyed and valued the experience from having a second job I feel that leaving was the best decision right now. I still have my two weeks left and plan to make the best of them, but at least after I leave I’ll still know how to make an amazing cup of coffee!

(p.s. I just let my employer know my final decision after thinking it over further, and I still feel guilty about it 😦 . However, you gotta do what you gotta do). Has anyone else felt guilty about quitting a job, even though you knew it was the best decision for you?



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