♡ my obsessions ♡

3D Pax Wardrobe Builder is my jam. Seriously I think about it in my sleep it’s like flappy bird for shopaholics. I can’t get enough and I can never get it perfect. I have to keep rebuilding wardrobes. It’s changed my whole life, possibly for the worst.

Buying a pair of designer sunglasses. I don’t own any designer sunglasses, or designer anything for that matter. Lately I’ve been feeling this intense desire to buy a pair of Prada Baroque sunnies I think it will make me look more adult…..also because I’m a shopaholic and have problems. *update: I did get some sunglasses, not exactly designer ones , but gorgeous ones*

Leopard Print. On scarves, bags, eerrrythang.

Face Masks. It’s winter, my skin gets 7 different kinds of dry and I don’t want it too. I’ve been googling “overnight miracle face masks” for two weeks straight.

Does anyone else get any weird obsessions for a few weeks at a time?


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