♡ back to school ♡

School started last week and it’s already getting crazy. Makes me happy I have my planner with me to keep track of all the readings and assignments. I’ve been a little bad at posting because I’ve been trying to get everything in order, and also I have a few really long days where I don’t get home until about 10, so it’s pretty much straight to sleep or catching up on reading.

Here’s my classes in case anyone is taking anything similar: Communication Disorders, Language Processing and the Brain, Psycholinguistic Research Methods, Child Language, Syntax, & Second Language Acquisition.

Here’s my week so far in my planner…the decorating has been lacking a little bit,  not gonna lie.

planner1 planner 2

Prior to school starting though Cody (boyfriend) and I got our puppies fixed so there was that to deal with but they’re all healed up now and everything went perfect. Dakota was a little more affected by the anesthesia than Scarlet though so she was a little weird for a few days, she also hated the vest.

Some puppies being cute.

puppies cute

Cody has been really into creating metal artwork and whatnot so he made this last week. Isn’t it cute. He added it to a curtain for his mum’s birthday.

flower - metal

That’s all I have for today but will try to post a review of a new toner I’ve been trying out for the last couple of weeks.



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