♡ flower beauty: lippy swatches & first impressions ♡

Had my eye on the Flower Beauty line for a while and never tried anything until now. I picked up the lip butter in ‘mauve mimosa’  and the velvet lip color in ‘petal kiss’. I really love both the colors and glad I picked up the lip butter since it is clearly less pigmented & feels super moisturizing. It’s great for the days you feel like color but don’t really want to commit to  the maintenance of a lipstick. Only downside to the lip butter is that the cap keeps falling off if I carry it in my purse. That could be tragic, so gotta lock it down. Duct tape? Not so cute.

The packaging is just so pretty. It’s looks really chic and these products are also very affordable. I have my eye on one of the makeup brushes for my next purchase from this line. 😉

flower beauty 1 flower beauty 3

mauve mimosa flower beauty 2

mauve mimosa flower beauty 5 flower beauty 4

Left: mauve mimosa, Right: petal kiss

Overall I’m pretty excited to actually get wearing these and seeing how they last throughout the day. Thanks for reading.


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