♡ mini adventures ♡

Long time no post! Went on a camping adventure last weekend with the gang, only for one night. 😦 Unfortunately not a lot of sites are available unless you reserve them months in advance. We didn’t have to go far though so it sort of made camping for only one night sort of reasonable. We went to Rideau River Provincial park, which is super close, driving time was under an hour.

This was also little baby Rylie’s first camping trip, he’s only a couple months old! He looks very pouty in the photos but I think he enjoyed himself (as much as a baby can). Then there’s Dakota (puppy #1) who also experienced her first camping trip and was so good. She only barked three times, what a relief! My little Scarlet (puppy #2) however was staying home with Grandma & Grandpa as her goodness levels are not quite high enough yet.

We had a pretty neat little set up going on and I was super thankful that the mosquitoes were kept at bay by a lovely breeze.

Also please notice Dakota’s mini campsite, it’s adorable. camping 7 camping5 camping4 camping2 camping3 camping6 camping1

Second mini vacation for me was a night at the cottage for Canada Day. Silly work really limits my vacations. Anyways my sister & I met up with our fam-jam who was staying there for the week and we got to relax around the fire while having access to a pretty nice view.

My baby Scarlet didi get to come on this trip. She had a few issues with barking but she wasn’t too bad overall. They were setting fireworks off on the dock at one point and she REALLY hated that. She also hates my dad in his daisy dukes. 😉

cottage2 cottage1 cottage6 cottage5 cottage4 cottage3 cottage11 cottage14 cottage12 cottage13 cottage10 cottage9 cottage8cottage 7

♡ xoxo ♡

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