♡ a new addition and a rough start ♡

We have anther new addition to our wee family! Meet Scarlet, she’s my little sheltie baby and we’ve had a pretty tough week. About two days after we brought her home she broke her tibia. So now my poor baby is in a cast, which we already had to change because she licked it to death and it fell off. (yay for vet bills!)

scarlet 3

Before we injured our self, looking very cute.scarlet 2 And with out first cast on.

scarletJust chillin on her blankie. Before destroying the cast.

We have a slimmer one on now which she decided to destroy this morning, according to my boyfriend who’s watching her.  She’s a troublesome little one but still a cutie. Hopefully this new cast isn’t too mangled, because I do not enjoy seeing her all loopy after the sedatives.

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