♡ feeling stressed ♡

Good afternoon,

So….school has been super stressful lately. Mostly because I have so many group projects and presentations this semester, not to mention I’m in my second semester of Japanese and its insanely hard to keep up. Everyone else seems to be catching on much faster than I am. I am not looking forward to the Oral test since i basically started crying during last semesters test. It was horrible.

I actually hate going to some of my classes, which makes me feel worse because I actually love school I’m just not so good at the socializing part (super awkward). This has always been somewhat of an issue I suppose it just seems more noticeable now. Not to mention that for one of my group projects my ‘group’ members never respond to my messages so I don’t even know where we’re going with this assignment. I basically wrote the entire proposal myself since only one person responded (finally), but that was at 8:30 pm the night before it was due.Like, Really? I don’t know whats up with them, but I really hate confrontation so I hope they actually start responding or I’m going to hate group projects forever. Ok, done ranting now.

Anyone else had an extremely horrible group project experience?


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