It’s been forever

Good morning or good afternoon. I realised I haven’t updated this blog in ages, I’ve been very good at that. I’ve just been feeling sort of out of sorts lately. I have been stressing majorly about school and almost cried right there in one of my classes I was so frustrated. Then I was even more frustrated because I thought I was a big crybaby. It’s a vicious circle really. I’m trying to write up some things to post so hopefully that happens soon but exams and final papers are all due at the end of the month. Nobody hold your breath! I just really wanted to type a little something so anyone who reads this blog knows I’m not gone just super busy and crazy anxious about everything in life. I’m working on it. Remember that whole confidence post? I might need to read that again myself. Hope everyone has a great day and don’t get stressed about stuff! Work through those final papers, study for those exams! Stop putting it off, I know lots of things you (and I) would rather be doing (tumblr, online shopping) but that stuff will all be there later. Here’s to getting our shit together *cheers!*



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