♡ forever cleaning ♡

I think I’ve been cleaning my room for about three years now. It never gets any less cluttered though. I have accumulated so much stuff it’s ridiculous. I tend to hold on to things far too long because I feel attached to basically everything I’ve bought or received as a gift. Especially gifts from my grandma’s.

However, I’ve decided its time to just get rid of some things and possibly have a garage sale, take them to the consignment shop, or sell them online. Maybe a combination of the three. I’ve never sold anything online before though so that’s kind of a scary thought.

Basically all I’ve done so far is clean a shelf. Go me! I really dislike these shelves now though, kinda of wish I had bought white shelves in the first place. Also, I filled up a big box with what I’ve decided to get rid of. I still have lots to do but hopefully things will seem a bit less chaotic when it’s all done.


Also I did made some of my perfumes look a teensy bit cute with this gold tray.


 Have a great weekend.



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