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Two posts in one day? What??

Since Fall is fast approaching I’ve been trying to get a sense of what’s in style because I like to be a little trendy when I want to. These were a few of the trends I liked the most, and were things I could actually image myself wearing. These images aren’t mine in any way, I linked the source at the bottom so you can check out all the trends and let me know which ones are your favourites. Hope you enjoy!


swingin 60s

 60’s Inspired: Just a little in love with the high collars and mini skirts.


Knit Wit

 Knit Everything: What can I say? I live in Canada and would love to wear knit head to toe. Actually I do have a pair of knit shorts I should really try to wear out of the house.


norse code

Fair Isle: Makes me think that maybe I should try to put that Itchy Aritzia sweater to good use. Still… future note to self, Don’t buy wool anything.

apoco;ypse now

I’m not sure what to call this style. Super stylish comic book superheros? I don’t know, but I like it and that’s enough.


Sneakers: Basically whatever you’re wearing just needs sneakers. If you’re ever in doubt of what shoes to wear with your outfit just add sneakers.

Source for all images


Have a great day!



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