♡ Summer Vacation ♡

Happy Friday lovelies! It’s been a busy week since I came back from my annual summer vacation in Kapuskasing. A place where you can enjoy both snow and sunburns in the same week.

This year was much better than the last few since I’m much more comfortable with my boyfriends family, and that usually makes for a much relaxing trip. It was full of lots of boating and Harry Potter Series watching.  Note: My boyfriend also made me a wand after doing the latter.

baoting 2


boating 3


There was also a rather aggressive seaweed catching competition. I lost. I blame it on the fishing rod. Which is not too far fetched because it did unfortunately break the next day.

While I was vacationing I also had a very interesting first time experience: listening to a wedding over the phone. Yep. Cody’s Aunt back in Ottawa was having being married  to her boyfriend of about 27 years in a small ceremony. It was lovely how the priest sang for them too.

On Friday we started to head back home to Ottawa, we stayed in North Bay for the night. At 7AM the next day it was back on the road, although we took a pit stop in Temagami.


tema 2

 tema 3

dock tp


Thanks for reading and have a good weekend!




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