♡ Fun in the Sun ♡





It was such a beautiful weekend, so much sun. I might have got a bit of a burn. Since I was at my boyfriends house I took some photos of all the pretty flowers his mum has growing around the yard.



Some beautiful lilacs growing in the front yard.

purple flowers


blue flowers




bell flowers




A little bee hard at work.

lonely purple flower


One lonely flower hiding at the side of the house.



…and a big tree. I was a little snap happy.



Cody was working on putting speakers in his new truck,  but he still won’t let me get a good picture of him.

sticker fam


The new truck came complete with a stick family. I thought this was great because now can get three dogs.

Now some pictures from last week while I was visiting my Grandma.

upclose blossoms

upclose blossoms full apple blossoms

The apple blossoms were a bit wilted since it rained.

pink flowers more pink bright pink

So much pink, definitely my favourite.


Giant puddle, the dogs loved running through this and getting all muddy.

ryder 2 ryder

Of course Ryder had to be in a few pics.

nan's house blkue skies

The clouds looked wicked.

That was my weekend, thanks for stopping by.



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