♡ April Update ♡

I haven’t posted in ages, oops! I’ve been studying for my exam, which was on Monday, and I think I aced it. Other good news is that I received my acceptance letter to Carleton U for the B.A. Combined Honours in Linguistics and Discourse Studies! Whoo! Finally I can actually get started on a degree. I’ve been looking over all the different courses the last few days and it’s a bit overwhelming but I’m still pretty excited to start in September.  Although I’m also really nervous about finding all the classrooms. It’s going to be different taking four or five classes when the most I’ve taken at a time is two.

Another fab thing that happened is my boyfriend got a new job, the downside is that he has horrible hours in my opinion. All he does now is fall asleep when we hang out. The poor baby.

Speaking of babies, I’ve been to two baby showers in the last little while. ‘Tis the season of baby showering. The most recent one was great because I got to meet lots of relatives on my mums side of the family I haven’t ever really hung around with for some reason. There was talk of having a little get-together this summer which is exciting. Especially spending time with all my Gran’s brothers and sisters. On top of that next Saturday my dads side of the family is having a shin-dig so there’s lots of family stuff going on right now, it’s nuts.

Easter is also coming up so that’s more family time, also it’s my birthday on Easter! That hasn’t happened since I was ten. It’s also 4/20, so blaze it in my honour. Kidding.

 I almost forgot to mention my sister made the rugby team at school. She’s going to be kicking ass soon. I can’t believe how perfect she is for it. She’s built like a tank, and has ridiculous amounts of energy.

That was really long, I apologize. Hope everyone is having a great day and doesn’t have to deal with the snow today like Ottawa.



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