ghosts and gallows

Oops I’m late to the party, but really I didn’t have anything exciting planned for Halloween until the morning of. Firstly I had no idea what my costume was going to be since I didn’t know if I would even need a costume, then I thought being “red coat” from Pretty little Liars would be a pretty easy costume. Alas the thrift store did not have a very nice red coat. A new idea was in order, what can I use in my closet? Thankfully I had all the pieces necessary to make a school girl costume, not sexy school girl. It was too cold for that. I added a  nice gash to the forehead for some gore and voila! Done.

Now I was ready, well not really I forgot an umbrella, for a seriously terrifying experience right here in Ottawa. A Haunted Walk. Mmhmm. My friends and I went on a tour of the Jail Hostel. Walking down death row on Halloween is really something one needs to experience. There was an unexplained door slam as well. Spooky. Not only was this walk scary, it was quite educational. Our guide did a great job at mixing the ghost stories and history of Ottawa. I don’t want to ruin any of the stories you would hear on the walk, but I will mention that seeing the gallows is pretty intense.

This isn’t a situation where people in scary costumes will jump out at you either it’s more of a psychological thing. If that’s not your cup of tea then this probably sn’t for you. Also don’t expect to see any ghostly activity because they can’t guarantee anything like that will happen. I would say you have to get into the spirit of it because nothing connects people more than being terrified. Ha!

I would definitely recommend this to anyone visiting Ottawa, or my fellow country bumpkins who don’t really like to go down town much as it was a pretty quiet stroll through Sparks Street and the like since our tour started about 8:45 pm. Bonus is you have about twenty or so other people by your side at all times so you feel very safe even though you’re in unfamiliar territory. I felt really special at the end of our tour as I won two tickets to go on another walk! basically got my money back which is awesome as two tickets is about $45, if you’re an adult. I think I’ll try The Naughty Ottawa Pub Walk next 😉

Seriously if you’re in Ottawa you need to check this out if you haven’t already. Did I mention you can also have a sleepover with the ghosties?

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!!



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