update: midterms and figuring things out

One of my least favourite parts of university is coming up next week, Midterms. Sorry if I frightened anyone. I am not prepared at all so I really need to get my study on the next few days. I’m really nervous about my Phonetics exam because I haven’t been getting super incredible marks on the last few tests we have had in class. Even though I really love the subject I’m taking and I find myself thinking about it all the time. Even when I’m not in class *gasp*. Aside from that I have a proposal for a research paper due in the same class the week after midterms and another assignment, yikes. I know having only two classes isn’t a major work load, but I do work from 8-5 everyday so I only have a few hours everyday to actually work on my homework. I try to keep up though!

I’m sort of excited for my research paper actually because we get to use a program called Praat, and  it’s used to analyse the sounds produced in everyday speech. Pretty cool since you don’t realise all the little things that go into producing one sound, such where the airflow is restricted, shape of the lips, and the vibrating of the vocal cords. Ok, that was educational wasn’t it?

My other class is probably more fun though. I thought Classical Mythology might be what some people call “useless”, but the material really focuses a lot on Greek and Mycenaean Culture. Even though the stories and literature we look at are written about Gods and Goddesses a lot of the concepts explain certain traditions or rituals practised by the people. Such fun.

I’m really looking forward to combining my Linguistic studies with Ancient Greek & Roman Studies. I’m just not sure how I’m going to do that yet…anyways that’s all I have to share today but like I said I have some reviews coming up soon, I just need to take a decent picture for each item.

Hope you check back soon!


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