no breaks here


Is everyone looking forward to fall? Some people might miss summer more than others and I can’t blame you because we really only got a month or so of nice weather here in Ottawa, the rest of the time it was cold and rainy. However I personally love autumn/winter, even if I do complain about the cold a lot.

As it is officially September it’s no wonder it’s already chilly, which is great since I’m stoked to wear something more than shorts and tank tops, aka scarves, boots and cozy sweaters. September also means the start of a new school year. Although I haven’t had much of a break from the routine of school since I took a summer class at Carleton all summer. It was a great experience and hopefully I come out with a good mark. Fingers crossed.

This semester I only have two classes (oh, the perks of being a special student) at this rate I might be done University by the time I’m 30. My classes are Classical Mythology and Phonetics, really Mythology wasn’t one of my first choices since I cannot enroll in any courses until all the full-time students have chosen classes. I was really hoping for a first year Psychology course but those fill up fast!

Apart from choosing new classes I am also bombarded  with the question, “What do you want to do after school?”, and the answer is I HAVE NO IDEA!! Ok well I may have some ideas, but I can’t decide on anything. To be honest I don’t feel like I’ve taken enough classes to truly decide, and that I may not even be smart enough to succeed at any of the careers I’m interested in. Stressful and disappointing.

Any who, moving on! As I said I took a class over the summer to gain more credits and I really thought being in a smaller group setting might make it easier to get to know people. That was not the case. I was trying so hard to pay attention, and so was everyone else, so talking wasn’t exactly happening throughout class. another thing was that my classmates had other classes together so they stuck in their groups. Lame.

This semester I plan on getting more involved on campus, some of the clubs/societies, etc I looked into were only for full-time students though, which is a total bummer. One of those being cheerleading. At least I have time to prepare and really get to know more about all the different clubs throughout the year before I decide which ones I’m really interested in. For now I’ll just focus on my studies though.


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