Bluesfest: Day 1

Good Morning! Hope everyone is well. I have been really neglectful of this blog recently. Must be the combination of exams, vacation, and Bluesfest all happening in succession. Let’s get on with it then…

Yesterday was the first day of Bluesfest. I mainly went to see The Black keys, and let me tell you they didn’t disappoint. The lights were amazing and I could see quite well most of the time.

new_photo_3 new_photo_2 new_photo_4

Photos (courtesy of

However, the people in front of me  put their children on their shoulders the whole time. Basically I had a small child’s butt in my face the whole time. Really was that necessary? Why would you have kids in the middle of a crowd? But whatever it just really annoyed me. I hope they don’t come back.

Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures because my phone conveniently died almost as soon as I got there. Note to self: Charge phone before leaving work. I’m going again tonight, mainly to see the Zac Brown Band, so hopefully I’ll manage to get some pictures.

Have  great Friday. I’ll post again tomorrow

(possibly) with the details from tonight’s excitement.



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