Shopaholics Not So Anonymous


Happy Friday everyone! Are y’all ready for the weekend? I certainly am, although it will involve writing a rough draft of an essay covering the contrast between symbols and truth in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, but that’s for worrying about later! Moving on…

Since I have a serious shopping problem I obviously couldn’t help myself when I saw these funky sneakers from Charlotte Russe. After seeing the platform sneakers on several occasions I found myself really wanting a pair. Originally I was coveting a simpler version seen here. The high-tops and studs are what won me over.

cool sneakers

Stud Back Fold-over Canvas Sneaker

Next impulse buy (always..) were these very simple and elegant pumps. These are quite simple and classic that they would go well paired with a number of things. The heel isn’t too drastic either so I’m hopeful that they will be somewhat comfortable for wearing at work .

high heels

Ankle-Strap Single Sole Pump

That’s all for my post today, just a mini-shopping spree.  Have a wonderful stress-free weekend.



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