Summer Lovin’

Now that the weather is finally getting warmer (it actually feels like Spring!) I’m getting more and more excited about summer, including all the fun stuff that’s comes along with it. # 1 most amazing event on the list is Bluesfest! Even though it’s months away. I can’t wait for the sunshine, sweet music and good times!


It’s going to be my first year attending, and all I can think is “FINALLY!” I’ve only heard people talking about it forever, and I always felt so left out of the fun. 😦  Hopefully this doesn’t end up like Capital Hoedown did last year, meaning it got cancelled and everyone was stressing about possibly not getting their money back! That was a big mess. Anyways,  I’m sending positive thoughts out into the universe hoping everything goes according to plan. *Fingers Crossed*

I’m  so excited to see all these new bands , as well as some of my favourites including Hunter Hayes, Dixie Chicks, Alex Clare, Tegan and Sara,  and Great Big Sea. I love discovering new music and what better way to do it than up close and personal, right?

One thing I’m hoping to repeat this summer is travelling with my boyfriend up to Kapuskasing to visit his Grandparents. They are seriously the sweetest people ever, and they made me feel right at home when I went to visit last year (considering that was the first time they met me!)

Obviously I am crazy excited about Spring finally being upon us and that summer is not far behind! On that note what are some things you’re looking forward to this summer?



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