Trend: Camouflage

Camouflage is everywhere lately! Jackets, bags, scarves, shoes EVERYWHERE! It’s worth adding a few pieces to your wardrobe if you’re interested.  Here’s some of my favourite camo finds, but you can find different pieces pretty much everywhere.


TNA- Bonham Pant: Aritzia

I like that these aren’t the typical skinny jean, which makes it more interesting. Plus they look really comfy.

TNA-Redmond Jacket: Aritzia

This is a pretty basic jacket so it would be easy to implement into your wardrobe.

camo cardigan

Relaxed Camo Cardigan: Forever21

If you’re not into wearing a something as structured/bulky as a jacket there’s always cozy cardigans.

green camo shirt

Green Camouflage Shirt: New Look

I’m a big fan of collared shirts with rolled up sleeves, so this is definitely on my wish list.

camo stud shorts

Karlla Camouflage Stud Shorts: Missguided

Camo in shorts form? Poi-fect. Studs? Even better!

Of course there are a million options when it comes to camouflage. There’s always different colours and variations of the print itself.


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