Mini Haul/Review

I realised I haven’t posted in awhile, I have to remind myself to keep at it. However recently I started University, and the workload is way more intense than College, so I’ve been very busy with that. I have also taken up Ballet 🙂 The first class was last night, and I was so nervous. Luckily it turned out to be great!!
Now to get something posted here. I did some shopping recently and these are a few of my new purchases!


Ipad 2 16GB with Wi-Fi and 3G
Had to purchase this very expensive but beautiful baby to use for note taking at school. I previously had a huge laptop that was giving me serious shoulder problems from carrying it in the only bag that fit it, which was a gigantic TNA bag. Not fun when you’re walking around for 4 hours a day. A few useful apps to have would be Keynote (for presentations), a note taking app (like paperdesk, or evernote)


Morasca bag in medium Blue
I found this cutie at Aldo on Sunday! A very fashionable way to carry my brand spankin’ new Ipad I must say. The picture doesn’t show it, but theres a little zipper pocket on the other side. The chain/handle on this bag is a little long for me, but it does the trick.


Zoya Nail Polish-Shelby
I received this nail polish in the August Glossy Box. I think this is the exact color, but I could be wrong (forgive me?) This is so girly and fun, literally the perfect pink polish.


Sebastian Professional Potion 9 Lite
This product is from the September Glossy Box, it’s a really light weight style serum (?) It works awesome! I’ve been using it after showering at night. It makes your hair so shiny and smooth, literally like those hair commercial. You just want to whip your hair around all day!

Morasca Bag in Medium Blue
Ipad 2 in White
Zoya Nail Polish- Shelby from Glossy Box
Sebastian Professional Potion 9 Lite


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